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Be the change you want to see in 2020

So our first blog of 2020!  We’re so excited for all the big plans we have this year however let’s start with the issues in front of us in 2020.

I assume everyone has seen the awful bush fires that have destroyed so much in Australia recently?  We hope that this tragedy is finally opening the worlds eyes to the issues we have created, we are in a climate crisis and have to make drastic changes to the way we live our lives to make our future a sustainable one.

We cannot trust governments and policy makers to change the rules fast enough to resolve the environmental issues in front of us, we must take personal actions to make a difference.  Reduce meat consumption, fly less, walk more, use public transport, buy clothes from sustainable sources, recycle, compost.....the list is endless - however there are 7 billion people on this planet and enough individual effort can and will make huge changes to our environment.  Everyone must wake up and decide what steps they will take to improve.

As a business our main focus has been cleaning up the plastic issues in the barber and salon industry, one walk around any exhibition and in minutes you will spot thousands of pieces of plastic packaging.  The industry as a whole is so far behind some of the leading sustainable innovators!  So our first objectives this year are to help shop and salon owners remove plastic from their day to day operations.

Start to think twice about what you buy for your shop.  Do you need that plastic bottle?  Could you re-use one?  Does your customer really need an individually packaged wet wipe at the end of their haircut?

There are thousands upon thousands of barbers and hairdressers all over the world - let’s make 2020 one to remember and clean up our act - time to make the changes you want to see! 


Joe - Eco-Barber