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Why use our sanitizer???

Time for change.............said so often recently isn’t it?  However is there really access to the products and materials you need to change your business?  At Eco-Barber our goal is to provide really innovative solutions to everyday problems.   Half of Eco-Barber - Todd Payne is a shop owner meaning he really has an insight into the day to day requirements of barbershops and salons.


That’s why we chose to launch our plastic free cleaning range - the blue liquid discinfectant everyone uses in their shops was formulated in the 1950’s - what else do we really use today in the modern world that hasn’t even really evolved in that time ?  Hence time for change!!!


Biocides that are used to formulate that popular blue liquid are horrid for the environment - have you ever read the bottle?  Do you know how to dispose of it correctly?  Do you dispose of the bottles in the correct way?  As business owners the use and disposals of chemicals should be a health and safety priority however it is so commonly ignored.


The Eco-Barber sanitizer is none of the above, it isn’t a biocide, it can be poured down the drain undiluted, and it’s plastic free.  All this whilst killing every germ you can think of and cleaning your scissors, combs and razors.


If every shop in the UK switched to the Eco-Barber sanitizer not only would it would be safer, there would also be 40 tons less plastic going into waste per year, yes per year!!!  That’s a huge amount and all it takes is one small change!